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User Model

object "user"
The description of the model.

created_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this resource was created.

dark_mode boolean
If this user has dark mode enabled, which can be synced across platforms. developer_mode boolean
The user wants additional logging shown. When signing into the PackageX Dashboard, we'll show resource IDs when they would typically not be shown.

dob string
The user's date of birth. This is currently unused.

email string
The email for the user.

id string
Unique identifier for the user.

name string
The user's full name.

notification_preferences Array
The user's notification preferences. These are currently unused.

onboarded_apps Array.<String>
The ID's of the apps the user has access on the PackageX Dashboard.

organization_id string
Unique identifier for the organization that owns this delivery. This will always be your organization ID.

phone string
The user's phone number.

role "user"|"admin"|"developer"|"owner"
The role for the user.

signed_in_at integer
The last time this user signed into the PackageX dashboard.

updated_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this contact was last updated.