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Inferences Overview

Inferences extract valuable data from both images and video with ease using AI. This API leverages cutting-edge machine learning models and seamlessly analyzes input text and images, extracting key information such as entities, sentiments, categories, and more. By submitting HTTP requests, developers can integrate our API into their applications, enabling advanced capabilities like named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, object detection, and text/image classification. Our comprehensive documentation provides clear instructions for endpoint usage, input data formats, and response handling, ensuring seamless integration and rapid deployment of AI-driven information extraction solutions. You can test creating Inferences within our Sandbox environment in PackageX dashboard.

Inferences APIs

  1. Shipping Label - Digitizing and extracting data from a shipping label via API or our Vision SDK. A common use case here is to determine the recipient for a package and then match that recipient to a contact.
  2. Bill of Lading - (coming soon) Extract data to create an inventory manifest for quicker receiving operations.
  3. Video Models - (coming soon) Derive data from provided video inputs encompassing a wide range of computer vision applications tailored for warehouse operations.

After a scan is created, we'll save the data and store the images for you.