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Getting Started


The sandbox environment gives you an identical codebase to the production environment, but isolated databases and domains. This means that you don't need to worry about accidentally switching your test mode off and impacting your actual data.

The only difference in the sandbox environment is that you can use fake payment information. It will still generate the same invoices and webhooks, but you will not be charged. Below is a list of test credentials you can use on our platform.

Test Credentials

Credit Cards
Type Card Number CVC Date
VISA 4242424242424242 Any 3 digits Any future date
Mastercard 5555555555554444 Any 3 digits Any future date
Amex 378282246310005 Any 4 digits Any future date
Discover 6011111111111117 Any 3 digits Any future date

Bank Account
Type Type
Routing Number 110000000
Account Number 000999999991

Tax ID / EIN
Type Type
Tax ID 000000000
SSN last 4 0000

Type Type
Date of Birth 1902-01-01