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An item will be updated many times throughout its lifecycle. However, the most important attribute about the item is when the quantity gets updated, so we have a special event just for that. If both the quantity a property on the item get updated at the same time, we'll fire two separate events.

Item Events

Event Description
item.created The item was initially created
item.property_updated A property (excluding quantity) was updated on the item
item.quantity_updated The quantity was updated on the item
item.deleted The item was deleted

Manifest Events

Event Description
manifest.created The manifest was created
manifest.accepted The manifest was accepted by the organization, and any inventory items that needed to be created were added
manifest.processing One or more items from the manifest have been scanned in
manifest.completed The manifest is marked as completed and all items were added into your inventory
manifest.void The manifest will not be completed and all inventory levels from the manifest will not be added to inventory

Fulfillment Events

Event Description
fulfillment.created A new fulfillment was generated
fulfillment.processing The fulfillment status was moved to processing
fulfillment.packed All items from the fulfillment have been packed into their parcels
fulfillment.completed The fulfillment is now done and a shipping label was generated
fulfillment.canceled The fulfillment will not be completed and all reserved items were added back into the available inventory

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