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Getting Started

Webhooks & Events


An event is emitted anytime an object is updated on the database. An event is broken down into two sections, topic and context, separated with a period. The topic generally aligns with the object or API that the event was triggered on and the context explains what happened.

For example, shipment.delivered or fulfillment.created are events where shipment and fulfillment are the topics of the events, and the context is that the shipment was delivered and the fulfillment was created. You'll find more details about all events that each topic can emit in their API sections.


You may want to listen to these events to trigger actions downstream outside of the platform instead. In the Developer Center section of the dashboard, you can set up as many webhooks as you would like and subscribe to whatever events you want to listen to. Our webhooks provide a generous 5000ms wait time, after which the webhook will be marked as failed if a 2XX status code is not received.

Webhook Authentication

When creating the webhook, you are able to specify a custom header of your choice to be sent with the request. You may specify both the key and value.

While we encrypt all information in our databases, we believe that the best practice here is to provide a hashed or encrypted value to us, and to implement some extra authentication on your end.