1. Contacts
  2. Contacts Overview


Contacts Overview

The contacts API is a way for you to manage the people and business with which your organization interacts. This can make it faster to:

  • Understand shipping and notification preferences for your customers
  • Enable receiving and mailroom operations for staff or users
  • Keep track of what inventory your contacts have in hand or are interested in

These are just a few ideas for what you can do with contacts, and we hope you build on this for your app. Our contacts APIs have some limits depending on your plan, but are otherwise free to use.

Contact Types

Your contact can be a person or a group, which is just a contact that can have other contacts nested inside of it. Groups are good ways to sort contacts by department, family, company, etc.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all contact objects ids will be prefixed with ctct_ to make them easy to distinguish.