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Scans Overview

The scans endpoint lets you digitize and extract data from various documents. There are several common scenarios for the scans endpoints. You can test creating scans using the PackageX dashboard.

Scan Types

  1. Shipping Label - Digitizing and extracting data from a shipping label via API or our Vision SDK. A common use case here is to determine the recipient for a package and then match that recipient to a contact.
  2. Inventory Label - Get data from complicated labels that may or may not contain a barcode and have quantity values. This is a common use case for some warehouses with plastic wrapped pallets used for inventory staging. Our Vision SDK can automatically detect barcodes and select the optimal scanning method to optimze cost.
  3. Bill of Lading - (coming soon) Extract data to create an inventory manifest for quicker receiving operations.
  4. Receipts & Invoices - (coming soon) Extract data from receipts and invoices.

After a scan is created, we'll save the data and store the image for you.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all delivery object ids will be prefixed with scan_ to make them easy to distinguish.

Vision SDK

If you're planning on adding OCR capabilities into a mobile application, you may be interested in using our Vision SDK - an open source low code solution that powers many of the features we use in our own applications.