1. Deliveries
  2. Deliveries Overview


Deliveries Overview

The deliveries APIs are used when you are acting as a shipping provider for a parcel. If you are looking to have a shipping provider move goods for you, see the Shipments APIs.

There are several situations when you can act a shipping provider:

  • You are a registered shipping provider on the PackageX Marketplace and a delivery was assigned to you by a third party
  • You have set up private rates and assigned a delivery to yourself by creating a shipment and selecting your private rate as the provider.
  • [Coming Soon] - You've added a delivery via the API or web dashboard

After the delivery is created you are able to update the status of delivery which will provide notifications to the sender and recipient about the package whereabouts.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all delivery objects ids will be prefixed with del_ to make them easy to distinguish. Rate objects will also be prefixed with rate_ to make sure they are easy to tell apart.