1. Trackers
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Trackers Overview

Trackers are used to receive updates about shipments. When creating a shipment with PackageX a tracker is created for you automatically.

However, you can create a tracker manually, if you have the tracking number, even if the shipment was not created via PackageX.

First party vs third party trackers

Because shipments can often contain sensitive information, third party trackers, meaning trackers that are create for a shipment not generated by your PackageX account, might not have all of the information available.

For example, information about the sender and recipient might not be complete and addresses might be obfuscated. Typically shipping providers only provide city level granularity, not street address granularity for third party trackers.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all tracker objects ids will be prefixed with track_ to make them easy to distinguish.