1. Threads And Channels
  2. Overview

Threads And Channels



The threads & channels API is in private preview and may change in backwards incompatible ways before final release. Contact support for access to a private preview environment.

The threads APIs make it possible to have conversations internally about any PackageX resource, like a fulfillment, shipment, or delivery.

The channels API make is possible to involve third parties into these conversations like external contacts or other organizations with whom you share data.

A channel will always be a unique conduit for between all external parties. This means that every thread about a resource with the same external parties will be in the same channel. This creates a simple experience for external parties to follow along with the conversation, while internally you have flexibility to have the correct user involved in the conversation about a resource.

Channels are created automatically between all subscribers of a resource. For example, if you have a contact who is the recipient of a delivery, a channel will automatically be opened between your organization and that contact. The contact will receive communications via the methods that you have enabled in your settings. For the best experience, we recommend that you enable sms. External parties are able to reply to the messages via sms and email and their messages will be added to the thread.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all thread object ids will be prefixed with thrd_ and channel IDs with chnl_to make them easy to distinguish.