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Container Model

The container represents a single tracking number with one or more deliveries nested in it.

object "container"
The description of the model.

coordinates Array<Number, Number>
The latitude and longitude of the current location

created_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this resource was created.

deliveries Array<String>
All of the deliveries that are nested in this container.

estimated_container integer
The estimated container for this container in epoch seconds.

id string
Unique identifier for the container.

location_id string
The hub location to which this container is assigned.

layout_id string
The ID of the layout where this container is being stored.

lead_time_mins integer
The amount of lead time needed to come get the parcel from the sender. This is set up in the dashboard.

metadata object
Key value pairs of data that you can set for this container.

organization_id string
Unique identifier for the organization that owns this container. This will always be your organization ID.

status string
Current status for this container. See Statuses.

tracking_number string
Provider-specific string used to track this container.

tracking_updates array<TrackingUpdate>
An array of waypoints this container had in order from oldest to newest.

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TrackingUpdate.address Address
The address of the package at this waypoint. Address details are often limited to use the city and state when in transit.
TrackingUpdate.comment string
A comment left by the provider about this update.
TrackingUpdate.container_id string
The ID of the container that this delivery was on during this update
TrackingUpdate.created_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this update occurred.
TrackingUpdate.event string
The latest event that occurred at this waypoint. See Shipment Events
TrackingUpdate.hash string
A unique hash for this update to make it easier to identify duplicates in webhooks.
TrackingUpdate.images Array<string>
An array of URLs to images about this update. Commonly used by on-demand couriers for picture proof of containers.
TrackingUpdate.layout_id string
The ID of the layout that this item is on, if it matches one of your locations.
TrackingUpdate.location_id string
The ID of the location of this update, if it is one of your locations.
TrackingUpdate.message string
User-friendly message generated by PackageX to let a customer know about their shipment status.
TrackingUpdate.status string
The status code for this update See Statuses
TrackingUpdate.updated_at integer
The time in epoch seconds when this status was last updated.
TrackingUpdate.vehicle_id string
The ID of the vehicle that this container was on during this tracking update

tracking_url string
URL where a user can go to track their packages.

updated_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this container was last updated.