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Containers Overview


The containers API is in private preview and may change in backwards incompatible ways before final release. Contact support for access to a private preview environment.

The containers APIs are used when you move multiple deliveries at the same time. You are able to add any number of deliveries to a container, then just update the tracking information for the container and all of the deliveries will be automatically updated. All webhooks and notifications will still fire for the deliveries.

While a delivery is part of a container, you will not be able to update the tracking information for that specific delivery.

While deliveries can be added and removed from a container as many times as required, a container is only intended to be used for a single batched delivery and is limited to 250 unique status updates.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all container objects ids will be prefixed with ctnr_ to make them easy to distinguish.