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Locations Overview

Locations are the hub to most APIs that are used on the platform. They are a common way to grant specific permissions for users and API Keys, act as a hub for shipments and delivery, and house the warehouse layouts where inventory is stored.

We have made some optimizations for locations to make sure common properties for which developers want to check a location can be queried as fast as possible.

Here are some typical uses for locations:

  1. Provide access instructions for shipping providers.
  2. Manage user specific permissions.
  3. Scope API Keys to only function for specific locations.
  4. Scope payment methods to only be used by people with access to a specific location (Enterprise plans).
  5. Manage organization's operating hours. This is important for shipping provider pickups and receiving notifications.
  6. Manage layouts which lets you set up logical structure for storage of inventory items.
  7. Act as a hub for delivery providers, which let you specify a delivery radius and location specific prices like tax and tolls.
  8. Manage a fleet of vehicles and serve as their hub.
  9. Organization mailrooms for receiving operations.

Object IDs

To make the development experience a little easier, all delivery objects ids will be prefixed with loc_ to make them easy to distinguish.