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Contact Model

The contact represents a single tracking number with one or more parcels that needs to be delivered.

object "contact"
The description of the model.

address Address
The parsed address for this contact.

created_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this resource was created.

email string
The email for the contact.

group_contacts object
Details about what contacts are nested inside of this contact. This is only possible if the contact type is set to group.

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group_contacts.children Array<String>
The IDs for the contacts that are children of this contact
group_contacts.primary Array<String>
The IDs for the contacts that are the responsible party for all nested contacts

id string
Unique identifier for the contact.

locations Array.<string>
A list of location IDs to which this contact is associated.

metadata object
Key value pairs of data that you can set.

name string
The name of the contact.

notes string
Any notes that were added about this contact.

options Object
The options passed into the request.

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options.parse_addresses Boolean
If the addresses should be parsed when the scan is created
options.match_contacts Boolean
If the sender and recipient fields should be matched to an existing contact

organization_id string
Unique identifier for the organization that owns this contact. This will always be your organization ID.

phone string
The phone number for this contact.

referenced_contacts Array.<ReferencedContact
A list of all contacts referenced by this contact if it's a group with more details about them.

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ReferencedContact.id String
The ID of the referenced contact
ReferencedContact.name String
The name of the referenced contact
ReferencedContact.email String
The email of the referenced contact

type "person"|"group"
The type of contact.

updated_at integer
Time in epoch seconds when this contact was last updated.

_search object
A special property that will be included if searching through contacts. This is a flat object which will include <mark> tags around characters that have matched the search. You can use this to more easily highlight text for a user interface.

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_search.id string
The ID of the contact.
_search.type string
The type of contact.
_search.name string
The contact's name. It will also match common nicknames.
_search.email string
The contact's email.
_search.phone string
The contact's phone.
_search.formatted_address string
The contact's full address string.
_search.metadata object
Any custom metadata that you have added.
_search.relevance_score ?number
A number from 0 - 1 about how relevant the result was to the search query, with 1 being a perfect match.